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Hi there fellow internet goer, nice of you to visit. My name’s Jake and I design & make things mostly for the web. I’m passionate about type and typography—especially pushing typography in browser to produce great reading experiences. I work at Typekit and I’m based in Bristol, in the UK.

I drink lots of coffee, mostly from Pact (check them out), and my beer of choice is an American style IPA. When I’m not staring at a screen I enjoy getting out on my bike, and whenever possible going skiing. I collect design and typography magazines & books, and occasionally even get round to reading them.

Latest post

Advice to a design graduate June 24 2014

I graduated from the University of Reading, where I studied Graphic Communication, this time last year. I would like to share some insight into the transition into the real world from my experience from around and since my graduation. Hopefully this will be useful, to someone at least, but if not it’s quite therapeutic to look back on the last year.