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About me

Hi there fellow internet goer, nice of you to visit. My name’s Jake and I design & make things mostly for the web. I’m passionate about type and typography—especially pushing typography in browser to produce great reading experiences. I work at Typekit and I’m based in Bristol, in the UK.

I drink lots of coffee, mostly from Pact (check them out), and my beer of choice is an American style IPA. When I’m not staring at a screen I enjoy getting out on my bike, and whenever possible going skiing. I collect design and typography magazines & books, and occasionally even get round to reading them.

Latest post

Typekitaversary March 13 2015

Today marks my first year working at Adobe Typekit, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues for being so damn awesome and reflect on some of the things I’ve had the pleasure of working on.